It’s in our Nature to Learn

At Bowen Island Montessori School (BIMS), we offer an inspired style of child care by blending key points of Montessori and play-based philosophies to create a calm atmosphere for children between the ages of 30 months and 6 years of age. Our primary intention is to provide a lively, dynamic and joyful place where children engage in a variety of activities while encouraging socialization and cooperative play. Our integrated program offers art, music, numeracy, literacy, science and creative play. BIMS’ peaceful and non-competitive setting believes in “I can do this” while nurturing each child’s natural love and sense of wonder. Small by design, BIMS is a place where children of different ages, interests, and abilities share the same loving, home-like setting. Our childcare is flexible by nature and is able to adapt to a family’s needs. BIMS is an enriched place to grow, discover and learn.