Health Policy

We ask parents to please keep their child at home when they have had in the last 24 hours:

  • a temperature of 37 ºC or higher without medication

  • a bad cough

  • vomiting

  • a sore throat

  • skin or scalp infections

  • a rash

  • diarrhea

  • profuse discharge from the nose

  • eye discharge or pink-eye (conjunctivitis)

  • a contagious disease

  • head lice

  • Scabies

    Only if these symptoms have passed without medication within 48 hours is your child welcome to return.

 If the staff feels that your child is not well enough to fully participate in all aspects of group care, you will be contacted in order to pick up your child early.

If you are unsure about your child’s condition, please take them to the doctor prior to coming to school. Please advise us immediately about contagious conditions such as lice, chicken pox, scabies, etc. If your child is not well enough to be outside, please keep them at home.

In the event of an accident or sudden onset of illness, we will immediately seek proper care for a sick or injured child. In the event of an emergency, the child’s individual health and emergency instructions on file are consulted and those individuals listed are contacted immediately. Please ensure that the people listed on your medical form or emergency consent card live on-island and can be easily reached; another BIMS parent is a good choice.

If necessary, the sick or injured child will be transported by ambulance. All important health and emergency data, including parental consent, will accompany the child so that treatment can be given promptly in the absence of a parent.

Minor scratches, cuts, and bruises will be treated using general first aid by our certified staff on-site. Parents will be notified of these injuries upon their arrival at pick-up time.

BIMS is required to have a complete health history and emergency contact information on file for each child enrolled. It is imperative that parents keep the emergency contact information up-to-date.


BIMS will administer medication to your child only if all medication is in the original container with your child’s name, proper instructions, information regarding signs of allergic reaction, and the doctor’s name and telephone number are provided. Please take the time to go over this information with us to ensure that the instructions are clearly followed.